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Manage IT!
Organizing IT demand, organizing IT supply.

Springer, Heidelberg, 2004

Thiadens, Th.J.G.

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The book has been translated in Chinese. 


Newer book with improved content:
IT governance, management and organization, see below either in black/white or full colour.)


Manage IT!

This is the translation in Chinese of the book Manage IT, published by Springer in 2005.

Order the book in China (amazon)

Order the book via van Haren publishers.

first edition in Chinese, 2007
Th.J.G. Thiadens.

ICT governance, management and organization., september
translation by professional translator.

Two versions : paperback in black and white
                       paperback in full color

Lecture notes for the lectures at Erasmus
university on IT governance
in 2008-2009.


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