IT governance, management and organisation.

This gives the lecture and case material for a lecture series
about ICT governance, management and organization (9 weeks,
with every two week an extra two hour's cases). This
page has three parts:

A. the sheets connected to the chapters of the book supporting
    the lectures;
B. the cases to exercise and
C. a set-up for doing literature studies using the material of the book.

Let us start:

A. The sheets connected with the chapters in the book ICT governance, management
    and organization
(Thiadens, Doorn, 2008,
ISBN 978-1-4092-2709-0)  are.

Part 1: The basis: governance, management and organization of IT.                           

Chapter 1.: Governance and management of IT.                                                                   
Chapter 2.: Flexible operations starts with an architecture.                                            

Part 2.: Organization of IT, including organization of IT within chains of
               organizations and communities.   

Chapter 3.:  The principles behind a process oriented set-up of an organization.                
Chapter 4.:  Today, a demand organization structured according to BiSL, next a sourcing
                   governance function?                                                                           
Chapter 5.:  The supply side: application management (ASL 1.1.).                                   
Chapter 6.:  The supply side: operations using ITIL vs. 2, ISO20000 or ITIL version 3? 
Chapter 7.:  Other methods for structuring IT: types and possibilities.                               
Chapter 8.:  Using the methods in practice: the organization structure of those
                   (chains of) ICT organization (s).                                   

Part 3.:
Controlling ICT:  alignment, governance and ICT management.                 

Chapter 9.:   Organization/ ICT Alignment, ICT governance and the result                                 
Chapter 10.: ICT governance and ICT management.                                                        
Chapter 11.: Compliance, standardization, consolidation and durability.                         
Chapter 12.: Dealing with sourcing.                                                                        

Part 4.: Aspects.                                                                                         

Chapter 13.: Value management and accounting.                                                            
Chapter 14.: Human resource management.                                                          
Chapter 15.: Contracts, SLAs and catalogues: making and managing.                                         
Chapter 16.: Confidentiality, reliability and continuity management.                                      

Part 5.: Heading for tomorrow: in essence the same; different in shape.

Chapter 17.: Heading for to-morrow: in essence the same, different in shape.                

B. The cases are:

Part 1: The basis: governance, management and organization of IT.

1. Housing organization Actium.           
2. The “Health for all” group.                                                                                       

Part 2.: Organization of IT, including organization of IT within chains of
               organizations and communities

3. The PGGM pension fund.                                                                                        
4. Turbo Trade.                                                                                                          

Part 3.: Alignment, IT governance, management and organization.

5. Bayer: control of IT facilities..                                                                                 
6. Easy service: catering and other necessities delivered.                                                         

Part 4.: Aspects.

7. KCLR.                                                                                                                
8. International Electronics.      

Instructors can get access to possible hints and solutions for the cases.                                                                                    

C. Possible assignments for literature studies using the text are given here
     and also in the download (appendix a) or the book.