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Research IT governance 2008-20112 at Fontys university of applied sciences.

Below are the articles shown, that resulted from the current
four year research programm (2008-2012) in IT governance The programm
aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice. All publications lay
down the current theory, investigate the current application of this
theory and advise about the way to go.

Method of research.

The method of research supports directly the aims of the research in the
area of IT governance. Fontys university of applied sciences defines
these aims as follows:

a. the research should attribute to the development of our lecturers;
b. the research should be embedded in the daily education of our students.

The subjects of research are so directly connected to the master of science
education in IT governance and the method of research consists out of three
parts. These are:

a. research on each subject is done under guidance of a so called knowledge
    circle. This is a group of lecturers interested in the subject. This group studies
    the theory and formulates the research questions.
b. the empirical part of the research in done by last year students. They learn
    here how to investigate a certain topic in the field of IT governance.
c. after the empirical part a seminar is held and articles are written in the
    Dutch and in the English language. 


1. Product and  service catalogues : book and publication in Dutch
2. Green datacenters: a book, 4 articles and two columns in dutch magazines, a checklist and
    the following two publications:
    2.1.      Green datacentres in the Netherlands (shareholders approach)
                (Presented at the 2010 11th annual GITMA (Global
                Information Technology Management Association)
World conference in
                Washington DC, USA on June 20 and 21, 2010)  
Greener data centers in the Netherlands (process approach), book
                chapter in  Green Finance and Sustainability: Environmentally
                Aware Business Models and Technologies
, edited by Dr. Zongwei Luo,
                IGI publications, New York, 2010. (Link removed according to contract with IGI)
3. IT risk: a book, 2 publications in dutch magazines, a column, a checklist  and one publication in English:
                Dealing with IT risk in nine Dutch organizations, This article is presented at
 the 2d Practice driven research on Enterprise Transformation (PRET 2010)
                working conference
, Delft, the Netherlands, november 2010.

4. Optimizing ICT service chains: Different books and articles in Dutch. The research is also presented in articles;
                4.1.  ICT service chains: its Structure And Its Optimization In Eight Large Dutch Organizations
                        which is sent in for peer review to the ECIS2012 in Barcelone, june 10-13 2012.
                4.2.  Recognizing and optimizing ICT service chains. This article is on 26-9-2011 sent in for peer review to
                        the Information Systems Management journal.

5. Portfolio management: a book, 3 publications in Dutch magazines, a column in a Dutch magazine,
                a book, a checklist and two articles in English. These last articles are presented at the:
                5.1.  International Conference  on Accounting and Information Technology 5~7 July, 2010,
National Chung Cheng University , Chiayi, R.O.C.
: (presentation congres)
IT portfoliomanagement as support of IT governance: the Dutch situation  (article)
                5.2.  and at the 5th Mediterrean Conference on information systems, September 12-14, 2010 Tel Aviv-Yaffo:
Deciding about IT: IT portfoliomanagement in 19 major organizations in het Netherlands anno 2010.
                        (presentation in Tel Aviv)

6.  Architecture: a book, three articles in Dutch magazines, a checklist and the following articles:
                6.1.  Organizing information management and IT for to-morrow with the Amsterdam Information model
This article is accepted at the International IS Conference (iiSC) 2011 in Muscat, Sultanaat
                        Oman, 11-12 October 2011.
                6.2.  The step by step realisation of Information management in Dutch
                        government and education organizations., article sent in for publication in the magazine Information and
The need to organize Information management (IM): an investigation of IM and ICT management
                        in 13 large government organizations is accepted for presentation at the
International Conference on
                        Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering (ICBIFE 2011) December 12-13, 2011, Hong Kong

7. Cloud computing: a book, four articles in Dutch magazines, a checklist and the following articles
                7.1.  Cloud computing: Differences in approach between large organizations that use cloud computing and
                        suppliers of cloud computing services in the Netherlands, MCIS, Cyprus, 3-5 september 2011. Presentation.

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